What's a Pop-up Wedding?

Interested in celebrating with friends, but not keen on the planning part?  
A POP-UP Wedding is a unique way to say, "I do" that is tasteful & elegant, yet requires very little work from you.

pick your date.

Each wedding date is listed under our 2022 Available Dates tab along with the venue location.

The location will be unique and the mood will be set. Everything you need for a sophisticated, yet efficient, ceremony will await you, from the flowers to the photographer. Details are organized by a professional planner. 

your time.

Upon selecting your date, you'll want to book your desired timeslot next! All of those will be found next to your wedding date.

This won't take long, but we certainly won't rush you. An officiant will lead you through a simple and meaningful ceremony that honors the magnitude of the day while keeping the mood light. A photographer will capture the moments that mean the most.

show up.

That's it. You just show up dressed to get married!  

We provide:
Outrageous Ceremony Décor 
The officiant
Fresh Flowers:
Bouquet & Groom Boutineer

Custom cake 
Seating for 40 guests
& much more 

Once you've tied the knot, we send you off in style with a bottle of bubbly & you and your guests can embark on your next adventure as newlyweds!

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POP-UP Weddings are trending around the world, in response to couples who are looking for a more affordable way to get married, without compromising on the quality and overall aesthetic of their day.
Haus of Cool is the first Pop-Up Wedding Co. in Ohio!


Acting almost like a traveling wedding chapel, our team creates beautiful, but temporary, ceremony spaces, at different venues. Over the course of a day, we host a number of couples to say their vows in short, intimate ceremonies. These weddings are pre-booked and pre-planned and take place at different times throughout the day.

Each time block/wedding booking within that day receives the same all-inclusive ceremony package as the next. Our POP-UP Weddings are about making it as easy as possible for couples. Because more than one couple will be marrying in the same spot (at different times, of course), the costs are greatly reduced.